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Conceptual interior design for renovation of hotel lobby

Reception design

The assignment for this project was overall interior renovation for lobby of old hotel including reception, lobby and office area. The area of ​​the lobby is quite large over 600 square meters, but part of it facing the street is separated by glass windows for use as a commercial zone. Inthe assignment was included removal of these units and the inclusion of commercial space to the rest of the lobby. An important point for the project was the need to form a larger and more functional lobby bar, which becomes much more attractive than the previous one and to attract more visitors than before.

Lobby bar interior design

Another interesting point is that the offices are located above the reception, as the great height of the lobby ( over 5 meters) allowed some of the natural light to reach the offices. Paying attention to these facts and keeping up with the assignment we have shaped in a single center the bar, the reception and the office area, giving them the opportunity to work autonomously. This so-called center is covered with panels veneered MDF in two wood textures, and we put the windows of irregular shape of the office area, which are in line with other asymmetric applications. Lighting above the bar and the reception we used illuminated ceiling that visually unites the two areas.

Lighting and decoration

Challenge for us as designers were the many thick columns, covered with white gloss MDF. Combining geometric shapes with lights and hanging plants to change completely the sterile irradiance of the rectangular concrete columns and bring an element of freshness to the overall look. The four large columns in front of the reception are united with a common element of plasterboard painted in several graded tones of blue and combined with stretch illuminated ceiling with printed graphics of seagulls silhouettes who regularly hover and land that big old hotel.

Ceiling design

The ceiling design is network of irregular polygons on the boards, which is with hidden diode lighting, and some of the polygons are illuminated ceiling. The purpose of this ceiling and lighting is to ensure the unique and unforgettable atmosphere for guests and clients at the lobby bar. Decorative elements that complement the interior design are the stone wall next to the bar, designed by us tables, illuminated shelves and lamps from plexiglass irregular shape. We can talk for a long time for this project, but I'll leave you alone to explore and enjoy it . If you like the interior design of this hotel lobby and need interior design of residential or public space, please contact us. We help you achieve your dreams.

Other views of the interior

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